A Guide to Pay LIC Premium Online

LIC or the life insurance corporation of India allows its policyholders to pay their LIC premium online. The policy premium can be paid either online or offline. When one chooses to pay the premium offline, he will have to go to the LIC office or its branch and will have to beat the rush and stand in long queues and wait for a long time for his turn to come.

However, here is another option where the policyholder can make the payment without any hassle. This is the online LIC premium payment mode.

How Do You Pay the LIC Premium Online?

There are various options through which you can pay the LIC premium online. You can log onto the website and pay the premium using your credit or debit card of nationalized or private banks. The online premium payment method lets the policyholder pay with or without registration.

The LIC premium online when paid without registration one needs to click on the link. A page will pop up which will give the policyholder to pay the premium without logging in. This is the LICPayDirect macro. This macro needs to be clicked by the policyholder to pay LIC premium online.

After the policyholder clicks on this, another page will come up where the policyholder will have to key in some details like policy number, email id mobile number, etc. Once he does that and clicks the submit button, the e-receipt will be sent to the policyholder’s email id. Ensure that the correct email id and phone number is mentioned to avoid any hassle. The LIC premium online can thus be paid in these easy steps without registration.

Paying the LIC Premium with Registration

In order to pay LIC premium online with registration, the following guidelines need to be followed. The policyholder needs to log into the website. This will take you to a desktop page. You will need to click on the online services if you are registered on the platform. Else you will need to sign up as a new user by clicking the relevant button. After you press the new user option, you will need to fill in the details like policy number, date of birth, email id and installment amount and then click on the proceed button.

After you complete the step, you will be asked to create a user id and password, and you can then log in directly by pressing the registered user icon. The next page will ask you to insert your username and password and then press the Go button.

After this step, you will have to press on the option that says “Pay premium online”. This will allow you to view a number of policies that you have bought and is due for premium payment. All that you need to do is to click on the policy for which you need to make a payment online.

Now select the bank name through which you will like to do an online payment. The bank should offer an internet banking facility. After you choose the bank, you will be led to a login page of the bank you choose.

The next stage is to log into the net banking account using the user id and password. After you log into your bank account, you will be able to see the amount due that needs to be paid towards LIC premium.

After you successfully complete the transaction a message will be displayed. Ensure that you check the balance for confirmation.

An email will be sent to your email id as well with the system generated e-receipt. The online payment service will not charge you for making the LIC premium payment online.

Making an LIC premium payment online saves you the trouble of going to an LIC branch to make a payment. It also saves you from standing in long queues and wasting a lot of your time. Now with an online LIC premium payment option, all that you need to do is to follow a few steps that are very easy to be followed. So just sit at home and click and pay the premium from the comfort of your home. However, make sure that you have a stable internet connection.


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